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I’m fatigued with legacy code in our infrastructure

If our infrastructure wasn’t WinTel based I wouldn’t have to repeatedly post to a Google Plus group about journalist G. Greenwald. It shouldn’t be hard to maintain and upkeep popularly sourced software and necessary utilities. The real challenge is translating … Continue reading

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Today in history: Homebrew Computer Club meets for first time

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A short rant about computers, the Cloud

‚ÄčAs long as microshit (microsoft) is present in our computers there can be no truly evolutionary steps in using AI to make metastructures for intelligent software. The Cloud is a weak excuse; a half-step to a paradigm which is rooted … Continue reading

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This is what I think about convos

When speaking on a subject and you’re not sure about the content of what you’re saying — try making stuff up and just make it sound eloquent. I’m not saying make up garbage if you’re unsure of what to say … Continue reading

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Google Translate creates own language itself to translate between languages

A story about A.I. —

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Work is a specious notion

‚ÄčThe notion of having to earn a living is specious and actually immaterial and mostly unnecessary in today’s modern era. It is specious because the facts are left out when the debate is internalized, immaterial because work is unimportant under … Continue reading

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We need smaller coding centers that serve the community

Something I wrote today: I think we could all have smaller virtual and physical community-centered development zones for maintaining and updating software. The problem? Bug fixes for open source software are dependent on international teams in different jurisdictions and time … Continue reading

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