Ramblings on net neutral outcomes and commerce in the time of demand-side economics

What more could we ask of ourselves when contributing content online or participating in groups, surveys and forums? There are always wants/likes but what can we directly inquire to the sources of our virtual information warehouses in terms of better shaping the digital utilization of methods in which we retrieve all the known manners of context for news, personal thoughts, business communiques, all bits leading into commercial stuff and scientific pursuits? Could we do every single piece of Internet searching, gathering, sorting and collating better & more altruistically and with the science of networks in play without abridging our security or inherent vision of primacy? — Most importantly, the operating terms for the Internet have to shift their metric to both virtually and physically accept critiques from its “retrievers” that singly affects and confides in benefiting and valuing commercial outcomes using common purposes or a single universal, demand-relativistic system of economies? Why can’t we have a digital world that does this so people are happier? — For instance, in place of net neutral behavior instead put people in the socially interactive position to better aim at improved community and world outreach by adding to their daily lives to include time set aside for philanthropic slots and value-added positions in a fluid position that moves with them? Install or import more locally sourced findings of fact shared between people which, with properly placed altruism, push more emphasis on toward the demander/retriever’s preference or virtual mode of engagement, contained under a rubric of class-based preference? — I have a small vision and I know it will work out eventually in certain areas of commerce. It’s neither capitalism or socialism that will work out in the end, or both. I think it’s possible to have order without chaos and chaos without order.


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