This is what I think about convos

When speaking on a subject and you’re not sure about the content of what you’re saying — try making stuff up and just make it sound eloquent. I’m not saying make up garbage if you’re unsure of what to say to someone about a particular topic. If, say, discussing politics or technology instead use your brain as a meta-data filter and “encode” the surmised logic forthwith so you say things that are nearest and dearest to just how you feel in your moment. For personal edification, test your assumptions then see how quickly you can dig up hints to your own reflections of reality.
I’m no prophet but I say corporate rule takes this freedom from a lot of us everyday. Only assholes and bosses pick apart what you tried to say using the explicit and exact terms that you used. It’s true that commissioners, lawyers and accountants need to do this. But who else? A true listener or logician will take what you meant to impart from the conversation and draw parallels and proper contrasts when appropriate.
Lawyers need to learn how to speak outside of their frame of reference. So do technologists. Hell, I revisit the art of convo – time and time again. I like holding up a conversation with someone who’s at least a little sympathetic to The Cause.

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40s-something Ubuntu enthusiast.
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