Work is a specious notion

The notion of having to earn a living is specious and actually immaterial and mostly unnecessary in today’s modern era. It is specious because the facts are left out when the debate is internalized, immaterial because work is unimportant under the present circumstances of supply & demand, and generally unnecessary because one’s own toil to survive in this life should be all the necessity there is to earn a living, as I see it.

Someone invented the pay-to-work system in the late 1800s to allow both usury and our indebtedness to banking institutions to continue into the 20th & 21st century. Since 1980 our means to earn a living have not been achieving profitable ends for the majority.

Now we have an unpopular president-elect who is going to ignore the plight and also the all too deliberately misconstrued artifact of what is a job in the US. The future president will reverse the clock on humanitarian and social progress before he is probably impeached.

The best action to take is to resist against the System and revolve ourselves around positive change. The specious notion that everyone has to earn a living like what Buckminster Fuller commented on below has to be put to rest.


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