A former CIA official’s take on Trump


On if Obama’s investigation of Russian involvement should be declassified:

“Yes, you can always, almost always declassify assessments and substance without revealing sources or methods. So the answer to that question is yes, it should be declassified. Do I have full confidence in the bipartisan, neutral, objective nature of a congressional oversight committee’s investigation? No, I don’t.”

On if trust can be built between Trump and intelligence community:

“The answer is no, because a tiger doesn’t change its stripes and a person doesn’t change his personality and his basic worldview. And we have seen from the first day what the visceral psychological approach to interactions is of the president-elect and that won’t change. He will remain egocentric, narcissistic, very defensive, and will deny, destroy and attack anything that challenges anything other than praise for him. That does not augur well at all for relations of the CIA with the executive in the Oval Office, or the functioning of the national security establishment.

“Mike Morell, former acting director [of the CIA], whom I overlapped with in my career, said that this is the equivalent of a 9/11 moment for the intelligence community. Others have called it the gravest crisis since World War II facing the republic. All of these statements are true.

“This is a huge issue that you have someone who lacks even a second grader’s competence substantively and the stability of someone who would last probably four seconds in an assessment by the CIA before being rejected.”


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