We need smaller coding centers that serve the community

Something I wrote today:

I think we could all have smaller virtual and physical community-centered development zones for maintaining and updating software. The problem? Bug fixes for open source software are dependent on international teams in different jurisdictions and time zones.

Software collaboration models like GitHub and the one stop software repository for Linux and macOS aren’t working that well:


Functional programming in the community can include maintaining code for the Linux kernel or Darwin (macOS). Primarily it should be done for user and administrative applications. Specialization, customization based on legacy and current hardware specifications and Service-oriented Architecture for enterprise software can all play a role in better shaping the software used in our communities.

Virtualization software like Citrix has proven time and time again to be a drain on business resources. The time it takes to maintain and upkeep software which emulates software through the Cloud is better spent on specialization and customization of actual software based on both levels of demand input and supply logistics. Security, performance and proper tier support with code compartmentalization are the primary considerations for this.


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40s-something Ubuntu/macOS enthusiast.
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