​Some things you may not know about me

I am a hippie at heart. I learned more about this way of living later on in life as I grew out of childhood.

I have been using Facebook proactively only since 2013.

I was in a misanthropic state of mind from late 2008 until early 2012. This condition was a result of too much event-based processing or lousy signal-to-noise ratio that my brain was racking up for me. I had waking, altered states of consciousness, linguistic revelations and also small hallucinations.

I have lived in Corvallis pretty much my entire life and plan on retiring here.

All my pertinent memories are indexed to spatial reasoning and mnemonics. I occasionally have to look at inanimate objects to retain core memories about my current point of departure.

I know how to weld, build things with wood & metal, read drafting blueprints and perform car maintenance as well as take apart small engines and put them back together.


About nickwinlund

40s-something Ubuntu enthusiast.
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