Whither Bitcoin.. What is the true measure of capital?

I have reserved feelings about Bitcoin being in use internationally. I think the time has come for exchanges to be set up everywhere regionally in democracies to negotiate trade cycles for all local business services & products. More equal representation in both the work and political cycles is wanted! We don’t need the CIA or the NYSE or Microsoft to do this, everyday people with Internet connectivity and personal drive can do it. Change in economic priorities can actually occur with national currency and bank reserves accounting for spillover.

What’s the difference between what could be taking place and what we’re dealing with right now? 1.) The ability to collectively bargain and 2.) Having a many-levels method of gaining interest and achieving assets or shares in company ownership, chiefly. Many democracies are facing an economic morass because of incompetence in politics and skullduggery in finance within state domains and the federal sphere. Things should be simpler, more even and tailored more to the capital needs of the everyday working wo/man. In case you didn’t know I am into sociology, a little.

The real question is how individuals within collectives will represent their trade. Transactions can be on-going with long term order completion times as well as done in seconds from the start time. We need a capitalist/socialist ticket like Bernie Sanders ’16 to make all this plus other things work.



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