Improving software

So.. I was trying to get an antique USB wireless device to work on Linux Mint but it required a ton of software dependencies. With no hardline Internet connection nearby, I had to swap USB sticks full of data between my laptop and the older computer running Mint that I mentioned. This process takes too much time so I’m going to get a new USB wireless device at the computer store which Mint should be able to see and utilize right away.

All this activity had me thinking.. Isn’t there a better way to externalize support for software repositories? Couldn’t the actual dependency or “software component hierarchy” be inside the software utility itself, broken into parts & each part was a modular “fit” for building/putting together your software locally? Why do you have to go online to obtain everything that is to be operational? I think there’s a better way to do it, given that there are perhaps fewer architectures today than there were 15 years ago when certain platform architectures were in a way scattered within their realm, some recursively obscure or too open-ended but barely functional, logistically speaking.


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40s-something Ubuntu enthusiast.
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