Sizing up work, locally

My words in response: “LBCC President Hamann is right. What’s missing in the opportunity & equity debate is 1) sorting the finite tasks of provisioning and 2) organizing who calls the shots when it comes to assignment of labor trends. Nearly everyone agrees the boss & employee framework is needed for us to possess jobs, but just us as people strategically chartering and then creatively crafting roles & responsibilities for us the students and job seekers is out of nearly everyone’s reach right now due to 1) laziness and 2) entrenched corporate interests. This struggle that has yet to be reported about has to hold redesigned work portfolios massively re-engineered in the areas we care the most about and aggregating our private needs & interests into some kind of work ethic that’s more interesting. This may take many decades to achieve, overall. The economic redistribution of wealth could take less time than that if students & others realize they have the capability to hand down or levy the change I’m saying needs to happen, here. People taking a serious stab at local and statewide economic inequality would boost community college students chances of receiving free education at their town’s college.”


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