My rant to the local university’s student newspaper comments section

We need work programs and apprenticeships for everyday people that are run but not managed by venture capitalists. Decouple the market from the marketplace, already! Sen Bernie Sanders has suggested a liberal approach to alleviate the saturation of the U.S. market by young people with college degrees. The reason apprenticeships of the dot-com variety are working OK instead of working really well for both tech & vocational skills training is because corporations not co-ops run them. If both the stakeholding and shareholding is dominated by corporate fiduciary duty then the already entrenched system of people with college degrees only exists to make a profit. Monetary gain and capitalist-centered administration doesn’t continuously enrich and enable lives, having sustainability while building community coalitions does.

If students want real apprenticeships in tech & vocational fields for free then they really need to get behind Pres Obama and support laissez-faire capitalism under which a demander or consumer always gets a stake in his/her endeavors; diligently undertaken by such a graduate, and not “just get a job” in his/her field. Form your own company. Volunteer. This conundrum all poor American workers now face is the reason some countries have socialism. Elevate collective bargaining!! Fight the power!!


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