My answer to the debate on guaranteed income: workaday

“Workaday” systems of payment for work are probably becoming commonplace in countries where you don’t really pay rent. There will have to be more poor or working poor here before they implement a stipend based system in Oregon that pays you just enough for what you can work, not what you will work using stagnant busybody bosses. I’m going on the theory that having active adults is good for a “just in time” economy. I’m opposed to a maximum growth at all costs economy.

If we all got by with less it would put a dent in the service sector economy. Work programs where people help out a little would help but cost a lot to administrate.

Workaday is where you count the days and types of jobs you do, not base it off hours performed like minimum wage works. If working people in this country want to reclaim the work cycle they’re going to need to refine and redefine the cycle itself. This means having strong people taking fiduciary control of the boss/employee model that’s corporate by its very nature and making it classist. Everything that’s tied to success in working America is based off of education and achieving near zero sum gains in the markets and marketplaces.

If we have institutes templated from federal type work programs that can teach some of the working poor technological skills then that will give people the skills to nurture their own abodes and communities. It’s all about getting the right plans to fight poverty. Corporate America uses a rigid European dollars for hours formula and won’t train people in life oriented skills. The private profit vocational “schools” like Phoenix are financial failures. There’s no such thing as a free lunch. Conservatives will not go for a guaranteed income and they’re about 50 percent of the American public.

We need to reinvigorate jobs so they are instead about acquiring skills for attaining a quality of life factor you have invested a little or a lot into. It’s time to modernize unions and somehow serialize the physical and virtual cycles of work so everyone who works, no matter how little, gets a living wage of $16/hour!


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