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Will a black hole be seen for the first time?

A visual mystery that’s about to be revealed? Advertisements

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A rogue black hole?

Wow. Another space mystery!

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Did glycerol originally come from space?

Some scientific proof that glycerol (phospholipids) could have originally come from space and maybe helped begin one of the key processes of life on Earth! That, or it was the oceans which were responsible.

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A brief history of Hawking’s black hole research

A brief history of Hawking and his black hole research.

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Stephen Hawking quote

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Does the brain’s neuronal superhub generate consciousness?

A purely scientific article about neuronal assemblies and the claustrum inside the brain. The third to last paragraph on the process of maybe discovering consciousness there is a tad disturbing.

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Immigration reform

Politically I think the president is taking a bold but thoughtful step with immigration reform. Today, he made a bet Congress wouldn’t act and they probably won’t now in terms of the implementation of more workers or immigrants passing a … Continue reading

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