A Net Neutrality letter I wrote to the FCC

I urge the FCC and its members to support Net Neutrality. Everyone having the same speed for access to sites and content is critical, especially within a democracy like America’s.

One of the things I learned during my dot-com work years with bandwidth or content is that there is Class of Service and Quality of Service. On the bandwidth side of things, Class of Service is tiered from dial-up speeds to 250 Mbps, or greater speeds. Class of Service works with Quality of Service, which is an interesting internal guideline a company has for measuring how well one particular Internet node is performing — whether it’s ethernet speed or fiber optic speeds. It is important for downstream standards to have a rating so customers can openly and effectively critique service that is delivered from content providers. Without real and effective upstream standards held by content providers, the downstream side is useless.

The argument for Big Telecom starting up “fast lanes” for upstream access is different but has similarities. They want just two CoS specifications, fast and slow. It wouldn’t matter if you had a fast CoS/QoS on the downstream side. *The packet switching occurring upstream would be governed by upstream providers paying more or less using supply-owned tiers and metrics to have accessible content.* This goes against the basic principles and foundational merits of the Internet. Protect the Internet. Classify activities running on the Internet as a telecommunications service so consumers get the regulatory benefits and guidelines that accompany that federal classification.


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