A conversation on “ending the pressure”

A friend of mine on Facebook wrote: “Of course, the reason the Romans asked for a dictator was because their senate was corrupt and squabbling and taking money from special interests. Our entire system has been twisted, if something isn’t fixed it’ll snap under the pressure.”

I replied with: “That’s what people have been saying! What do people have to spend most of their time doing and sometimes dislike frequently? Jobs. If there was a commonsense way to fix or amend jobs so they aren’t so pervasive and costly, without infusing a lot of socialism into the system, it would put less strain on general finance and help diminish the debt. Of course, I’m just one person and wouldn’t know exactly where to start to help put an end to the pressure but I think that creating technology or IT jobs in city and rural areas that match people’s haves and needs in particular is a great start. We need more debate which isn’t blocked by corporate interests on how to flourish by ourselves, especially in the west where there’s more room to grow and more open spaces. We need a “federation” model where credits for general effort will thrive, given there are exchange models that typically emulate capitalism and money can become largely irrelevant in both politics and domicile acquisition through cultural enlightenment. It sounds daunting and formidable I know, but something needs to be done to take care of the people!”


About nickwinlund

40s-something Ubuntu/macOS enthusiast.
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