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The Skeptical Inquirer?

I just got some subscription correspondence from the Skeptical Inquirer. That’s because Astronomy Magazine sells my subscriber info to other parties like the Planetary Society and the aforementioned company. In this modern day and age, is there really a need … Continue reading

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How much power would the U.N. have over the seas, anyway?

This story about the U.S. and the Law Of The Sea Treaty is half right, and is somewhat misguided in its scope.

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Properties of black holes

“..An international team of scientists including a Virginia Tech physicist have discovered that winds blowing from a supermassive black hole in a nearby galaxy work to obscure observations and x-rays.”

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One very large picture of the Milky Way

37,440 exposures of the Milky Way, rolled into one!

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Major NSA defeat in Congress

“Also banned is the NSA’s ability, disclosed through the Snowden leaks, to secretly insert backdoor access to user data through hardware or communications services..” Could this include software keys/encryption key use in general? No more No Such Agency hack-a-thons?

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The universe is expanding

The expanding universe.

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Killing net neutrality will not help the disabled

Abolishing net neutrality means there would be fast and slow lanes on the backbone of the Internet permanently which toggles all downstream, regular Internet connections, based on who pays more perpetually. If you were a Hulu user (an online streaming … Continue reading

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