Waive the immigrants through

Behold, be ready for better tasting Mexican food, etc. For truly the professional Obamacan way of doing just a little bit for immigrants, at just the right time to achieve next to nothing in essence is coming to pass — to effect the greater good for us all is nigh. The Democrats and especially those with independent stripes that have ethical and operational means to write a happy ending are mitigating strength through peace amidst the Art of War and Compromise somehow; by acting appropriately yet at the same time legally and politically “shucking and jiving” up the perpetual, federal standoffs over immigration: how else could anything get done at the state level now? It’s called waive the immigrants, and let them grow roots here! Acceptance of immigrants is actually accepting our ancestry for the way we were. Incidentally, one simply does not “mono y mono” reason on an international scale with born again conservatives and Cruz conservatives: who “trust” only their closest peers and guns, and “verify” only the amounts stashed away in their bank accounts. Waive them by, too! Oh, and I really like Mexican food so much that I want to learn how to cook it myself.



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40s-something Ubuntu enthusiast.
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