This year is dull — Is it just America?

This seems like a year of acridity and dullness in the world of things going on. The people I know and know of are fine, it’s the world of news and media that is practically bare and not very engaging really, much more so then it was last year in 2013. Do these periods of information barrenness last all year like I think they do? It’s collective media culpability laid bare or turned to bitrot. I’m saying the word bare a lot, I realize.  I also remember 2001 and 2007 as being “stupid” years. Alright I’m whining, I know. Next year should actually be interesting with U.S. elections over. An exception within the oases in media is music: at least the music hasn’t suffered greatly from the many economic cogs turning..


About nickwinlund

40s-something Ubuntu/macOS enthusiast.
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