The origins of the Big Bang?

I posted this to the My Alliance With Science page on Facebook: “I think there’s something behind the initial, earliest expansion of the universe at the moment of the Big Bang. It took 10(-35) of a second or a decimal point with 34 zeros following was how brief it was for the universe to expand 60-fold (I can’t remember the exact distance scientists think it expanded to). This was news everywhere on 3/17/2014 as cosmic inflation finally being verified by measuring distant gravitational waves. Because of the vast distance involved from the point of creation, was there some kind of now unknown process occurring that folded space-time, so that the universe rapidly expanded out faster than the speed of light, to the aforementioned 60-fold distance? I may be missing something but according to the new measurements of the distant gravitational waves, didn’t the universe have to break some of the laws of physics while initially expanding?”



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