Major protests and demonstrations worldwide

There were major protests and demonstrations in the Ukraine (20 dead), Thailand and Venezuela today. Also bombers killed 49 people in Iraq. Sometimes I wonder where the world is headed to.. Could things get drastic someday here in the U.S., what with all the income inequality?

Someone on my FB mentioned climate change being a factor, so I replied with: “I suppose also another key indicator of social unease is inflation. If prices are too high and the government prints money to maintain monetary steadiness this generally leads to reform and perhaps revolt on the part of the public at large.. What’s difficult to comprehend, though, is the individual’s debt-to-nation’s debt ratio. It is rather large, it’s so large or so padded that the inflation and other economic forces at work get a generous amount of maneuvering room; they’re part of a buffer or “safety” net against large collapses.”


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