The differences between Presidents Obama and Reagan

Here are some very interesting comparisons between Presidents Obama and Reagan.. This write-up gave me a little better perspective of what I lived through during the 80’s.

Someone responded to this on FB and in a reply I wrote this: “President Obama is a true political conservative to me. He knows exactly what to conserve or keep on his mind and *when* to conserve with respect to verbal delivery, and ultimately when to just BRING IT! (Like speak the truth in a speech, for example — racial problems and income inequality come to mind.) A lot of the news agencies that track the libertarians and the “tea party” don’t seem to track nor interview the Obamacans (independents?) anymore including all those Republicans who voted for Obama in ’08 and probably again in ’12. He’s almost erased the damage W. caused, but that claim is probably debatable, depending on what issue. I agree with you that America has decided to wake up and open their minds.”


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