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Bright aurora in Denmark

Auroras can be red as well and not just green.. Advertisements

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There were two supernovae discovered at the beginning of this year. There was 2014J in M82 which was widely reported, and 2014L in M99 it was a different type of supernova (type Ic). Here’s a picture of it:

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Apple leaves 1 in 5 Macs vulnerable to attacks

I wrote this on FB: “I don’t know enough about applying fixes to software security holes but it seems to me that retaining an open repository of bug fixes that can be applied as O.S. patches probably works best, where … Continue reading

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A long-term funding solution for repairing our roads is needed

What about a long-term funding solution for aging infrastructure in the U.S.? President Obama knows what’s up. “In the budget he sends Congress next week, Obama will propose that half of the $302 billion he’s seeking come from an overhaul … Continue reading

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715 new exoplanet candidates

715 new exoplanet candidates have been found, 94 percent of these exoplanets are smaller than Neptune. There are five exoplanet catalogs internationally, and most of these catalogs contain exoplanets found by the now-defunct Kepler spacecraft..

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The oldest living things on Earth photographed

The oldest living things on Earth.. Included in this pictured list are stromatolites, a curious mix of geology and biology. These are 11 of the Oldest Things in the World

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The sun through different wave lengths

The sun as seen through different wavelengths..

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