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Starfish dying off along the west coast

Lately, starfish up and down the west coast have been suffering casualties. The video in the link shows a starfish pulling itself apart with its legs. Scientists aren’t sure what the malady is.. I think it’s pockets of ocean acidification … Continue reading

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Nova explosion captured and reconstructed

Astronomers have reconstructed a nova explosion.

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Does President Obama act unconstitutionally?

A few people say President Obama is violating the Constitution! The key to getting a check made to a particular claim is for the aggrieved party to show that an injury has taken place in a litigational context. Since Mr. … Continue reading

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President Obama’s S.O.T.U.

I think our current president will be remembered as the opportunity president. A sometimes rousing State Of The Union speech was made last night by President Obama who was constantly on message regarding inequality/social mobility. Opportunity is there if you … Continue reading

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Hunger among students as high as 59 percent

Hunger among college students is a common occurrence. “While about 14.9 percent of all households in the nation report food insecurity, the number of college students voicing similar concerns in this report was almost four times higher, at 59 percent.” … Continue reading

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Are G.M.O.s really bad for you?

I had some Dole strawberries tonight.. They were probably genetically modified. They were not small, some were rather pointy as far as strawberries go and, in fact, all of them were kind of large. They were not really sweet, like … Continue reading

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The geology of the Grand Canyon

The course of the Grand Canyon varies in age quite a bit, according to this recently released study.

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