Superluminous Supernovae

It turns out there’s a new kind of supernova, it’s called a superluminous supernova and is 100 times more luminous than a normal supernova. They have something to do with the creation of magnetars, which are extraordinarily magnetized neutron stars spinning hundreds of times per second. I wonder how many superluminous supernovae were present at the beginning of time?

..One of the newly discovered supernovae, named SNLS-06D4eu, is the most distant and possibly the most luminous [supernovae]. These new discoveries belong to a special subclass of superluminous supernovae that have no hydrogen.. ..Such superluminous supernovae are rare, occurring perhaps once for every 10,000 normal supernovae. They seem to explode preferentially in more primitive galaxies — those with smaller quantities of elements heavier than hydrogen or helium — that were more common in the early universe.


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