Fight the rising debt ceiling

I agree with the libertarians and conservatives that we have to fight the debt ceiling. It is ridiculous where we’re at with money spent on military engagements, and so on. Medicare and Medicaid costs hopefully will be streamlined by Obamacare, people realizing the benefits of single payer healthcare, and making hospitals into non-profits.

Wouldn’t it be nice if as a result of successful, small-scale private profit activities in communities of interest that took years of work to coalesce and form, we could then stem from those blossomings some private non-profit commissions serving under those income-generating areas of the country and they could possibly report to the Congressional committees on the benefits and risks of adding more debt to the already high debt ceiling?

All that happens now is the media reports the news on new debt ceilings, and aside from voting it is all purely reactionary on the part of the public. The power to change the people’s deficit in small ways could be leveraged by working people who belong to those regional working non-profit groups which could as stated previously then give citizen advice and consent on certain matters of fiscal and monetary policies related to the accumulating debt which form some of the backbone to American society.


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