The universe is a focal point of focal points

The premises of this astronomy article are an example of what happens when one believes in too much science, like those who believe in religion to the exclusion of all other matters and thought. But I want to offer some space theory of my own without holding up the author’s linear arguments at all..

My take on the so called universe collapse is that this may happen but it has to occur at focal points where the universe is expanding and speeding up, like the edge of a map you cannot see but know is omnipresent. Cosmologists still don’t know why the universe is speeding up, but back to the theory, I think maybe the convergence of those focal points of accelerated firmament across space and time are nothing more then the edges of known universes running up against other universes’ edges. It’s a cosmic game of checkers on a board that spans an almost infinite distance and time is limitless.. Time is a rainbow and we are included in this sped up portion of space and time, but consider that as my taking some things on faith.


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