End Economic Apartheid

I watched a summary of Nelson Mandela’s life on the PBS NewsHour last night and was taken in by the scope of his whole life from rebel leader causing civic unrest to non violent leader later in the 1990s. Going back, Civil Rights were just as important in South Africa as they were in the United States in the 60s. The South Africans back then could be considered to be in more dire need of those rights and economic justice. In the 1980s, some American political action came to the forefront in the form of congressional economic sanctions against S.A., much to the dismay of Republicans who wanted the S.A. government untouched as an ally against communism.

The major problems, of course were the lack of sustainable, long term local and national business enterprises down there, plus the now pervasive income inequality which remains, still, just like economic inequality is an issue in the U.S. still today.. That can be dealt with somehow in the short term and long term by finding a way to narrow in on what Quality of life measures and personal steps actually are. These are the things we as Oregonians and Americans can both freely subscribe to and financially buy into by being clever, good collaborators and ingeniously revamping virtual and physical markets in a measurable, sustainable way so as to make just a few of our local workplaces into locally traded commodities for sale to promote peace with local demanders who shop for services and goods all over the place from time to time.

What I mean about “local workplaces” (this is kind of a small economic treatise/rant, isn’t it?) is that we, the industrious ones among us, can go into business for ourselves and have a living matrix of demand and supply that patterns sustainable activity and generates revenue as a result of spending time working on one’s skills instead of having supply-driven capitalism only. It’s hard to put some of this stuff into words because sustainable enterprise isn’t working yet fully in the United States for everyone at all income levels and therefore isn’t completely defined, but we do seem to be getting there in small pieces and fits.



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