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Here’s a timely piece on immigration. Let’s muster the energy to write to our Congresspeople and tell them we want immigration reform in the form of giving legal status to immigrants who already work and live here. More patrols will … Continue reading

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Science Fiction films in 2014

Four Sci-Fi movies I’m looking forward to seeing next year are Jupiter Ascending, Edge of Tomorrow, Godzilla, and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. Google “2014 science fiction movies” to see more.. There are other films slated for release … Continue reading

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Hyperinflation: Quoting ShadowStats

According to John Williams’ Shadow Government Statistics, “The GDP (Gross Domestic Product) continues to be the most worthless, and the most-heavily modeled, massaged and politicially-manipulated of the major economic series published by the U.S. government.” In addition, Williams argues that … Continue reading

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Catastrophic Coverage in lieu of ACA

Now people who want to get health insurance that had theirs cancelled in lieu of the ACA can apply for “catastrophic insurance” through an exemption process requested today by H.H.S. lawmakers on Capitol Hill. This is getting almost as good … Continue reading

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We can have free, open and fair markets in the U.S.

I personally hope some compromise is made in the struggle against income inequality and that the pessimism there is thwarted in favor of optimism. The optimism is coming from millions of people laboring and wanting to embrace some kind of … Continue reading

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Are Nader-like reforms still possible?

An update to the Clean Air Act may be possible. Depends on if India and China get tired of polluting. If the Nations could agree on imposing a fixed amount of carbon pollution then they could write the proposed carbon … Continue reading

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Superluminous Supernovae

It turns out there’s a new kind of supernova, it’s called a superluminous supernova and is 100 times more luminous than a normal supernova. They have something to do with the creation of magnetars, which are extraordinarily magnetized neutron stars … Continue reading

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