Most distant galaxy discovered

Because it takes light so long to travel from the outer edge of the Universe to us, this galaxy appears as it was 13.1 billion years ago.

Due to this galaxy’s distance from us, it shows us what things would have been like 700 million years after the Big Bang. The universe is 13.8 billion years old.

The Universe is expanding and everything is moving away from us, so light waves are stretched. This makes objects look redder than they actually are.

To get to measuring distances accurately as described before, astronomers rate this apparent color change on a scale that is called redshift.

They found that this galaxy has a redshift of 7.51, beating the previous record-holder, which had a redshift of 7.21. This makes it the most distant galaxy ever found.

The system is small: about 1-2% the mass of the Milky Way and is rich in heavier elements.

But it has a surprising feature: it is turning gas and dust into new stars at a remarkable rate, churning them out hundreds of times faster than our own galaxy can.

It is the second far-flung galaxy known that has been found to have a high star-production rate.

Artist’s interpretation of this most distant galaxy:



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