Saving up for a laptop

I’ve got just about enough money to get a new HP Pavilion 15″ laptop from Staples. The Corvallis area store has a few left in stock. Looking around in the store, I found that that unit was the best choice for cost, at $380 after rebate and $430 before. I was going to get the laptop last week but didn’t know about the markup/rebate until after I called the store to ask about inventory. I think it resembles bait and switch on the store’s part to advertise the price that’s listed before getting the rebate in the mail. The fine print on this laptop’s price tag probably reads something like: “before manufacturer’s rebate” The advertised price for this machine is $500 online.

Also I have to think about where I’ll set up my new laptop. There’s room for my laptop where my desktop computer is now. I also use a couch in my living room for reading I could use it there too there are outlets or plugs nearby. It has been a while since I’ve had a laptop; they kind of cramp your style — at least your vision focus — like while using my tablet which reminds me I’m looking forward to using a real keyboard again soon.

I’m going to run both Linux and latest version of Windows on a dual boot system!


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40s-something Ubuntu/macOS enthusiast.
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