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Once in a while real-time coverage of the underwater Axial Seamount soon to be all the time

Oceanographer John Delaney is the architect behind a 925 kilometer network of optic fiber cable and instruments being installed on the seabed off the coast of Washington and Oregon. If all goes according to plan, these will stream real-time data … Continue reading

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On a quest for dark energy

Scientists Begin Hunt For Clues About Universe’s Mysterious Force – ..Mentions four methods they will use to detect dark energy.

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We Are Stardust

We Are Stardust.. here’s a comprehensive but relatively easy to understand history of what the Big Bang was and stellar nucleosynthesis or creation of the elements..

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Life on other planets?

This is a fascinating read on searching for distant habitable planets. In theory the exoplanets atmospheres and stars have to have the right amount of U.V. coming from them, and red dwarfs seem to be the best stars where likely … Continue reading

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Saving up for a laptop

I’ve got just about enough money to get a new HP Pavilion 15″ laptop from Staples. The Corvallis area store has a few left in stock. Looking around in the store, I found that that unit was the best choice … Continue reading

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Cultural shifts

Facebook Question.. In what ways should there be a cultural shift? My Answer.. I think you have to recognize peoples evolution.. their desires, needs and whatnot being met or not being met, and sometimes but not always a revolution paired … Continue reading

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Formation of stars

Earlier I said in a post about cosmological theory that heavy elements originated when our universe was young. I didn’t research it enough I was wrong about that. There is a concept called stellar nucleosynthesis which says the necessary building … Continue reading

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