Thoughts on astrophysical creation

Is element 115 or Ununpentium perhaps one of the original seed elements in the formation of the cosmos? In other words was it the father or mother of present day lighter elements? Maybe there were ordered and combinatorial electron clouds which was the elemental soup in the form of a huge lattice that spiraled out tens, hundreds, or thousands of years after the Big Bang. There was probably an astronomical scale of stepped down creation where by distributed radioactive means, matter broke down into smaller structured elemental pairs of atoms by means of a very large manner of inducing reductive inorganic chemistry.. some kind of self organizing fractal symmetry across huge swaths of time and space that got us gases and metal ores today. I’ve seen order visually in the universe so at least some of this theory has to be partially true.

Ununpentium is known to break down into other less heavy super elements, and its decay spawns a helium nucleus.

Scientists Say They’ve Confirmed Existence of New Chemical Element


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