Spiritual beliefs

Question on Facebook: Is the internal/external paradigm an accurate way of talking about the spiritual as distinct from the physical?

My Answer: I’m coming at this from the cosmic consciousness and zen aspects, which are different from the ecclesiastical and biblical underpinnings. We take an agnostic view of life, and are not as much into the hierarchy of divinity as Christians are. I think of myself as an intrepid Cosmic Traveler because the enormity of the visible universe has attracted my eyes and mind since my youth. I know in my heart the path of life isn’t a fixed event so I won’t stay here on the same plane or this dimension for an eternity. Or is it?

Is life an endless road of samsara as the Buddhists say until we can cultivate compassion for ourselves and others? The spirit in me that is free will want to achieve and grow somehow, maybe even after death, maybe that’s how the path of life is externally set or focused. Considering that we are all made of star stuff this is the external and internal divinity as I see it, we are all God’s creatures in this multiverse of universes. God created the Big Bang and all the atoms, which by the way, all started out the size of a grapefruit according to cosmologists.


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