Cracks at cosmology

Slashdot released a story about introducing a hexagonal spiral layout of the Periodic Table of the Elements. I find the spiral layout part of it intriguing and while thinking along the lines of Creation, I wonder if there’s a pushing, rotating effect for the elements to follow within the spiral with the light nuclei of hydrogen, helium, deuterium and lithium spreading first. Fermions? The ingredients for our ancestors got here somehow within approximately 300,000 years of the universe beginning.

Speaking of contours, Koch snowflakes are fractal mappings. I like the fact they stem from six points. I think they resemble and are congruent with Sierpinski points which ratios one to three in nature quite well. Fractals are visible in nature in the worlds of botany, geology and in my opinion, astrophysics along astral planes. In my previous post I was trying to look at the organic aspects of modeling the universe. Perhaps the Koch snowflake is a good mapping of the quasi-boundaries of outer space since squares and circles are too rigid for the stepped order of cosmological constants.


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