Linux Goodies

I’m looking forward to getting a version of Ubuntu Linux installed called Linux Mint. Except for a few plugins and codecs that come with the system which run Adobe Flash, Java, MP3 and DVD recording operations, the software is entirely free and open source. Linux Mint has a wide range of software that includes LibreOffice (an OpenOffice variant), FirefoxThunderbirdXChatPidginTransmission and GIMP. I’m interested in Web run-time stuff such as Apache plugins for Java & javascript, perl and backend applications to test out Web pages which use PHP and HTML5/CSS.

I can run things on the machine using localhost/ I honestly don’t need my own Web site running on a server. The key will be keeping track of it all and creating a shell script that automatically starts up crucial applications each time the laptop is turned on. I’ll have my own console monitoring station using top via the command line plus I can run some PHP scripts which are capable of administratively tracking frontend programs in a Web-centered way.

I can’t wait to get that laptop! I’ll probably use Windows on it for a while, doing some performance comparisons on running Windows vs. running Mint.


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40s-something Ubuntu enthusiast.
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