NCIS the T.V. show

I’ve been watching reruns and recently new episodes of NCIS with Mark Harmon and cast. The show has been running for many years and I’ve seen it from time to time, but now I’m making a concerted effort to watch it.

The stories are suspenseful mysteries of the situations of deceased U.S. military personnel. The cinematography is both focused and jagged at times, lending to the allure of crime drama that the show tries to portray. The characters are geeks, one is a technology geek the other is a societal geek so there’s some interesting chemistry on screen there.

The sets are obviously Californian yet the setting is supposed to be on the East coast. There’s also a show called NCIS Los Angeles but I’ve only seen one episode. I record NCIS during the day and watch it at night, while skipping through the annoying commercials. The scenic and acting quality of NCIS almost rivals that of the show NYPD Blue, but Dennis Franz as Detective Sipowicz was truly original and draws comparison to few other T.V. shows.

I enjoyed Mark Harmon and Sean Connery in the 1980s film The Presidio. That’s where you see Harmon really develop into the detective role at a younger age on screen.


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