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Cosmology Everything you always wanted to know about the universe but were afraid to wonder.. Advertisements

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Thoughts on astrophysical creation

Is element 115 or Ununpentium perhaps one of the original seed elements in the formation of the cosmos? In other words was it the father or mother of present day lighter elements? Maybe there were ordered and combinatorial electron clouds … Continue reading

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Spiritual beliefs

Question on Facebook: Is the internal/external paradigm an accurate way of talking about the spiritual as distinct from the physical? My Answer: I’m coming at this from the cosmic consciousness and zen aspects, which are different from the ecclesiastical and … Continue reading

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Scientists may now have identified exactly what is dark matter in the universe. Fermions let off a special kind of electrical charge, one that requires motion which gives off a kind of toroidal or donut-shaped charge. It would be interesting … Continue reading

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Cracks at cosmology

Slashdot released a story about introducing a hexagonal spiral layout of the Periodic Table of the Elements. I find the spiral layout part of it intriguing and while thinking along the lines of Creation, I wonder if there’s a pushing, … Continue reading

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Climate Change

From NatlGeographic.. A profoundly altered planet is what our fossil fuel driven civilization is creating, a planet where Sandy scale flooding will become more common and more destructive for the world’s coastal cities. By releasing carbon dioxide and other heat … Continue reading

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Linux Goodies

I’m looking forward to getting a version of Ubuntu Linux installed called Linux Mint. Except for a few plugins and codecs that come with the system which run Adobe Flash, Java, MP3 and DVD recording operations, the software is entirely … Continue reading

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