Panasonic caught price fixing

Panasonic and its subsidiary was caught price fixing with its rechargeable batteries. There was action occurring between the subsidiary and another smaller company. I wonder if the DoJ was looking at all of the relationships taking place or just the subsidiary and the third company. I guess it boiled down to who was doing the battery selling and what the buying impact was on the single component end, not the selling of laptops wholesale. Was there anyone else who could have sold the batteries besides Panasonic? I guess the subsidiary conceivably could, making that a monopoly. Do they look at the fact of is there competition in the market in the first place or just seek to prosecute the businesses in question if it’s two or more companies committing foul? What the price point is in the marketplace can indirectly be a result of source market pressures, so I guess it was a good thing that the DoJ targeting happened.


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