Lately I’ve taken some time to look up at Oregon’s night sky. I live in a rural area so the night skys are quite luminous for me. I can’t remember if it’s the right time of year to view it but I’ve been meaning to try and catch a glimpse of the Andromeda galaxy.

I’ve also taken on the occasional challenge of conducting a concerted examination of what galaxies are down to the atomic level, the physical properties of gases as they relate to matter, the perplexing behavior of a black hole’s space-time form, and how stars behave in their various sizes; including pulsars and quasars. The universe is homogeneous but there are cosmological perturbations to its order where both some of our elements and astronomical occurrences are derived from.

To that end, I’ve labored at studying some of the mathematical and astronomical framework of a theory called inflation. It is fascinating. The universe is expanding and accelerating, though it is happening in a timeframe that we wouldn’t really notice in our lifetimes.


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