I am at peace with infodata (infosec)

Beginning this day I won’t worry about every last little hangup on my machines. If it’s bothersome I have to ask myself, “is it impeding performance?” I am proficient and can innovate new solutions given ample time. Infodata is a condition which we put our minds thru.

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Thom Hartmann on voodoo economics


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A short note about FB

I don’t know what this theme behind leaving FB is rooted in. If you do leave, remember there aren’t that many decentralized platforms that exist for getting the word out aside from FB, blogs, and Twitter.

I’ve been working on Web communications platforms for years and we are still a ways off from hosting our own content on shared, underwritten (paid for) platforms. We cannot even call the content on FB legally ours though in passing or transit it is ours. It is of course structurally and architecturally possible to own that deal however years of telcos and other corporations keeping us from securing the “last mile” of home/office communication haven’t helped at all really. In a sense, this is why FB came to be. It is hard aside from network throttling (disbanding Net Neutrality) to completely dictate the terms of the Web.

I think that is what all of it is: a series of digital templates & standards and other stuff. Facebook is a platform, albeit an imperfect one. There are good areas and bad areas (such as when they employ censorship, for example). Don’t give up now.

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The history of women as pioneers in computing


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The anatomy of size

The actual size of the Universe is unknown, we haven’t seen its “edges” — the parts that are observable make up a vast territory, but it’s known size is less than a googol in kilometers.

A googol is a very, very large number. The cool thing about the galaxy, North America, and 25 cent coin comparison or analogy below is that you can probably conceptualize it in your head. Not even a computer can process a quarter of all the data a healthy googol of units represents, whatever that may be!


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Good article on political revolution and mental health


Beware: this site has video ads at the bottom of the page that automatically start playing when you visit the site!

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I wrote these comments in GreatCall’s smartphone survey ( we cancelled the phone ):

The interface was too difficult for my Mom to use.

Have you thought about contracting out to a DevOps team or software development company to design specific Android program features that are actually EZ to use from the ground up and also not too resource intensive for making basic changes by hand?

The keyboard layout is a standard ISO Android layout. This is *cumbersome* for someone in their late 60s with arthritis to use. You could invent “non-sticky” keys which adhere to the standard English keyset that don’t switch to Spanish keys or other character sets when you hold down the smartphone keys too long. To do this, one could choose language character sets when you set up your phone that also SIMULTANEOUSLY change the Android keyboard in a proscribed manner: removing keys that aren’t used by English writers. You could also make the same keyset exceptions for Spanish and French smartphone users. This is not an easy task but it can be done if you plan it out and would be helpful to people who are not quick with their fingers.

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